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Break-in a Leather Baseball Glove

Just like with anything leather that you wear, they just seem to get more comfortable with age. I have a raggedy pair of leather shoes but I still love wearing them just because they’re the most comfortable pair in my shoe rack. Now, as for leather sporting equipment, you’d notice that they do get better after they get broken in. Here’s how to break in a leather baseball glove.

Use it. There’s nothing better to break in a glove by using it as often as you can in the shortest time possible. Play catch with it. Make sure the glove fits comfortably even if it hasn’t been fully broken in yet.

As for the sweat courtesy of your hands, just let the glove dry naturally. Avoid drying it under direct sunlight or placing it near a heat source. Leather hates intense heat and doing so might cause it to crack.

A lot of creams and polishes have become popular with leather sporting goods but if you’re looking for a quick fix that softens up the leather, try wiping linseed oil on the linings. Saddle soap would also work in case you have some.

Newer gloves oftentimes come flat and you have to flex your hand to get that Here’s a quick tip on creating that “catching shape” characteristic of older gloves. Get a baseball and place it in the pocket. Wrap the glove with some rubber bands. Do this when storing the glove.


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