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Breakfast Foods to Avoid

Fast-paced and hectic lives have many of us simply taking breakfast as a convenience rather than the all-important meal-of-the-day that it is. Is what you’re eating on a daily basis really the breakfast of champions? Here are some of the bad breakfast choices that you can make.

Cereal. Believe it or not those poofs and puffs that you drown with milk can be bad for you. Even the “healthier” variety of muesli and whole grain cereals from the box can contain a whole lot of sugar. Choose cereals that have high fiber content and low sugar.

Bacon and sausage. Well, yes. Even if you get the idea that these would constitute the breakfast of champions, they’re not. Really. Especially the store-bought kind. These food items are full of nitrite and contain a high degree of fat. If you’re active at work, these can be forgivable at time but for those with sedentary work, avoid these.

Muffins and bagels. These food items are high in fat and carbohydrates. And if you’re going to smother these with butter or cream cheese, you’re just upping the bad ante.

Pancakes. Similar to muffins and bagels, pancakes contain an unusual . You also tend to use butter to lube the pan and butter it some more when eating. Maple syrup’s nice but that’s literally spoonfuls of sugar you’re drowning your pancakes with.


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