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Cat Care Tips

Cats are gaining popularity for being the preferred pets. They can fit in any household whether it may be a big house with a picket fence or a small apartment in the city. Even if they do not crave for much outdoor activity like dogs doesn’t mean they need less care. Here are some tips on cring for our feline companions.

Spray a little water on your cat each time he did something wrong or dangerous while you sternly say “NO”. You cat will slowly associate the word NO and the water to what he is doing and eventually stop. Be consistent with this disciplining tactic and your cat will learn just as quickly as dogs do.

Give him the proper nutrition he needs everyday. However, even the most well-fed cat can become malnourished. Rush him to the vet if he is showing unusual symptoms like frequent loose stools, lackluster coat, and constant eye discharge.

Cats like to play around with anything they can find. You don’t have to buy expensive toys for your cat. You can give him a pill bottle with pebbles, a sock rolled up to a ball, a tennis ball or even a ball of crumpled paper. Just avoid giving him a ball of yarn since he could get entangled and accidentally strangle himself.


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