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Choosing the Best Campsite

Camping is a great activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults as long as they have the adventure streak and the adrenaline rush to pull it off. You may be well-prepared for the trip complete with the outdoor activities and the emergency supplies but it can all be wasted with a poor campsite. After all, the campsite will determine how much well-rested you are during the trip. For a more enjoyable camping experience, here are some tips in choosing a campsite.

Check your campsite option for any warning signs of poor living conditions. If a waterline exists near the campsite or there are less vegetation in the area, relocate to a potentially drier location. Even if the skies are clear, unexpected rainfall can immediately turn your campsite to an underwater base camp. Also, avoid meadows and mossy areas for your campsite. Water usually collects on meadows and moss usually absorbs water like a sponge.

Confirm with the local weather report if there’ll be any thunderstorms and heavy rainfall on your chosen campsite on the day of your trip. You can opt to move your trip to a latter date but if postponement is not an option, be ready to make your tent more water-resistant for the heavy rainfall. As for thunderstorms, ensure that the campsite is not the tallest object within the vicinity.

To decrease the chances of insects and bugs on the campsite, avoid pitching tents near lakes and ponds. Setup the tent before evening since this is the time when insects are most active. You’ll be able to locate the highest density of insects at this time. Also, choose a location where you can dispose of left-over food immediately and with less hassle so that insects will not be lured in to your campsite.


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