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Convalescent’s Diet Tips

People who have recovered from illness or surgery have different food requirements than those who are well. Whether you take extra hours of rest or immeditely get up and walk about after illness, you need to take in extra nutrients to ward off possible relapse or secondary infections. Here are some tips on a good convalescing diet.

Normally, convalescing diets should include foods that are rich in nutrients, appetising, easy to eat and also easy to digest. Convalescing patients often need concentrated nutrients. Foods that can make you feeling full immediately does not necessarily mean that you have also acquired the nutrients that you need. Also, opt for meals that boost the immune system.

Sickness usually reprsses the appetite so it’s better to have smaller frequent meals than the usualy 3 big meals a day. This will also prevent nausea from beeing too full. It is also advisable to provide food that the patient craves for since this is the one that appeals to their present palate.

Remember that not all convalescing diets apply to all recovering patients. The type of diet and the amount of food and nutrients depend on the previous sickness or procedure taken. For wounds, have a diet that is rich in Vitamin C and Zinc to help in the healing process and Iron to make sure that there is enough hemoglobin circulating on your bloodstream. For patients recovering from abdominal surgery, avoid high-fiber foods that can cause bloating and irritation to the stiched area.


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