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Cooking with Shortcuts

With all the busy, fast-paced lifestlyle everyone is immersed in, rarely do people have the time to cook their own food in their own leisurely pace. Sometimes, fast-food is the only option for all the meals of the day — nevermind the extra calories and the lesser nutritional value. However, good food can be prepared without the long wait and the extra effort. You just have to know where to cut corners and discover cooking shortcuts. Here are some tips on cooking shortcuts.

Quickest way to make dinner is to make chili. It only takes few minutes.
Know how to estimate measurements. Being overly conscious about exact measurements takes a lot of time and can the measuring tools will only add to your pile of dishes to wash. By estimating measurements, you can also adjust to the flavor that you prefer. Remember that measuring is still important for baking so don’t throw away your measuring cups and spoons.

Invest in cooking utensils that is famous for cutting cooking time into half. Rice cookers are your best bet for cooking rice without have to tend over it every so often. Just remember that cooking time and the amount of water will be different for varying types of rice. Pressure cookers and specialized cooking pots and pans can also cut your cooking time and you can still experience restaurant quality meals.

Snacks need not have to be tiresome to prepare to be nutritious. For a quick healthy snack or appetizer, slice some raw vegetables and prepare our dip quickly using your blender. Chop some onions and mix them with canned clams and cottage cheese in a blender. You can also use fresh parsley or garlic cloves as substitute for the clams. Blend them well while preparing your choice of vegetable sticks.

Buy pre-marinated meats and mixed chopped vegetables on your next stop at the supermarket. This will defintely help you cut back on food preparation time. They may be more expensive but you can achieve the convenience that you need. Choose the flavoring that you most prefer so that you won’t have to buy extra sauce or dressing to mask its taste.


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