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Dealing with Water Pollution

Nowadays, almost all our water sources contain pollutants — both natural and man made. You can buy bottled water to ensure the cleanliness of the water you drink but no one can’t possibly have your bath and cooking water outsourced without destroying one’s savings. Here are some tips on ensuring clean water for daily use.

Call your local health or sanitation department if you have a well as a water source or old plumbing. They can rightfully asses whether the water from the well and through the old plumbing is still safe for daily use. If you have your own septic system, have them checked by your local sanitary engineer as well. The idea is to have dr drip professional assessment of the water system that you use at home.

Septic tanks and wells should be properly constructed and well-maintained. These should have complete concrete linings and sturdy covers. Wells should be at least 100 feet from a cess pool and 50 feet from a septic tank.

Consult your local government on how to dispose hazardous materials such as paint and solvent. As much as possible, do not dispose them by emptying the contents down the drain since these can find their way into the water source and contaminate the water supply.

Be careful when swimming or boating in a pond or lake. Seemingly clean water can still be contaminated by bacteria and waste. Be sure to take a good bath before and after the swim or the boat ride.


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