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Discipline Your Child

Disciplining children is one of the hardest things to do as a parent or guardian. Most of the time, you just want to shower your kids with all the love and attention but this will backfire if you turn a blind eye to their misdeeds. Here are some tips on reprimanding children.

First of all, avoid disciplining children in public. All warning, reprimands, penalties and punishments should be managed at home. No one wants to be criticized in public and it goes double for children. Administering discipline and punishment might even backfire if you involve other people — like his siblings, friends and maybe even strangers. Remember that how you want to be treated even in times of misdeed is also the way your children would want to be treated.

Reprimand the child as soon as he misbehaves. Prolonging discipline will only lessen the impact on the child. Also, do not wait for the other parent/guardian to administer discipline in your place. This is also a way to prolong the retribution. Plus, it is also unfair to make one parent/guardian the “bad guy” who always imposes punishment even if he is not present at the time of the misdeed.

Do not under any circumstances inflict corporal punishment on the child, even if the physical misdeeds are involved lke hitting his younger siblings. This sends the wrong message to te child and you can face serious consequences. Instead, call a serious time-out and delierate on a different but just as grave punishment like no TV time and added chores.


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