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Download: Dropbox Linker

We haven’t really recommended applications for the past year since most of the one we recommended in the past are still the best apps out there and all they got were newer versions that made them better.

However, some new innovative apps have emerged. Like Dropbox. I seriously can’t imagine computing without Dropbox. I do move around a lot and having it synchronize critical files in all my devices has proven to be the best thing since thumb drives.

One of the quirks with Dropbox is the (sort of) tedious process you have to go through if you want to share a link to someone. You have to copy the file to your Public folder, then right-click on it, select Dropbox then Copy Public Link. Not really a bothersome thing to do if it’s a once-in-a-while thing. But if you constantly do it, it can be bothersome.

Here’s a really nifty application that enhances Dropbox – Dropbox Linker. It runs in the background automatically copying the public link to a file that you just dropped into the Public folder to your clipboard. So once you drop the file for sharing, you only have to paste the link to whatever you need to publicize the link be it a blog post or email or IM.

Download Dropbox Linker here.


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