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Eating Healthy Even While on Vacation

Healthy food can be hard to find while on vacation especially if you haven’t visited the vacation spot before. Most of the readily available food are fast food. And we all know these are not exactly the prime example of healthy food. For a more healthy eating experience even while on vacation, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

If your baggage permits, bring lots of water, fruits and low-calorie snacks with you during your trip. This will prevent you from potentially snacking on junk food when you feel hungry in between meals. Load up on water, fruits and fruit juices, pretzels and crackers. You can stop over at any supermarket while on the road if ever you forget anything.

Opt to eat big meals at midday instead of dinner time. This will keep you recharged and refueled for the day’s activities. Also, it will give you a chance to ditch the hot midday sun.

Keep your itinerary full and avoid very long breaks. Long periods of inactivity promotes boredom and this makes eating more inviting than just sitting still. Bring along books, magazines or small puzzles that can keep you entertained if you don’t have anything planned or if you are still in transit.

You can still sample the local dishes without having to forego your diet. Share an entree with a travel companion if a dish is high in fat or calories. You can also ask the restaurant for a smaller portion of the dish you ordered. As another alternative, take some small packets of herbs with you and ask the server to prepare your chosen food without the salt. Season your dish with the packet herbs to your desired taste.


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