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Effective Business Communication via Email

Sometimes, the workplace is such a pit of stupidly drafted emails that sorting through your inbox is a chore in itself. Don’t want to be part of it? Here are some tips on effective business communication via email.

Always indicate the purpose of the email either on the subject line or the header of the email body. Some people filter their emails according to the priority and urgency of the email they receive.

Add tag words such as IMPT or URGENT if the email to be sent needs a reply as soon as possible. Add FOLLOWUP to the subject to let your recipient know that you haven’t received any response to your previous email.

Include a return receipt when necessary. Return receipts serve as an acknowledgement that the email receipient/s have read your email.

These could also save time since some return receipts are just a click away. Do follow the instructions for the return receipt if your co-worker has issued one to you as well.

Do not delete threaded replies. Threaded replies show the flow of communication regarding the subject being discussed. This will prevent any miscommunication from happenning since the conversation is recorded and both parties can easily refer to the previous statements.

This can serve as a proper manuscript should the email be forwarded to another person or someone is added to the email correspondence.


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