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Eye Exam Schedule

The sense of sight is very important to everyone but eye health is oftentimes neglected. Here are the general reminders on scheduling eye exams and consultations.

You should have an appointment with you ophthalmologist if you have the following symptoms: eye pain, redness, blurring, seeing flash lights, or any oter vision changes.

For regular eye checkups. Use this schedule as a guide:

  • For kids, their first check up should be in their sixth month. Vision problems diagnosed during infancy is much better than detecting it during the latter years. The next eye exam should be at age 3, then again at age 5. Annual eye exams are needed from age 6 till 19.
  • For adults aged 20-64, have an eye exam every two years if vision is normal, or every 18 months for those who are wearing glasses. Annual eye checkups are needed from 65 onwards.
  • Diabetics should schedule eye exams every six months.
  • People with risks of hypertension needs eye exam every six to 12 months.
  • Check-ups for glaucoma should be included for adults aged 40 or older. A glaucoma patient needs an exam evey six to nine months.

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