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Fast Clothing Repairs

Got yourself into a fashoin emergency? Here are some tips on fast clothing repairs.

For unstitched skirt hems at the worst possible time of the day, use your old-reliable stapler. Be careful when using the stapler on your clothing. Staple from the inside out to prevent stocking runs.

Tape can hold your clothing together until you can find the opportunity to change. Have some tape with you whenever you are wearing low and plunging necklines to avoid unnecessary “accidents”

You can hide burn holes by removing a piece of fabric from the seam allowance and glue it under the burn hole. Have the burn hole repaired by a professional when you have the chance since this remedy will not hold for long. This may also break the pattern or print of your clothing.

Appliques and additional trims are effective ways to hide burn holes and permanent stains. Make sure that the appliques and trims go well with the original garment to avoid another possible fashion emergency.

If you need a waistband extender, use two rubber bands and loop through the buttonhole and then loop over the button. You will need a longer blouse to hide this fashion remedy. Also you may need to decide immediately after wearing it whether you need to keep the garment as is or make the waistband extender permanent.


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