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Getting a Fresh Perspective on Life

Ever felt being stuck in a rut? It’s horrible. If you happen to be plagued by the monotony of your routine both in your personal life and at work, maybe it’s time to get a fresh perspective on life. And you need not turn your life upside down to do so. Here are some ideas on how to explore different points of view.

Read a good book. And I’m not talking about some self-help book. You need not have to read through another person’s formula for success to get a fresh perspective. Try reading fiction or even a textbook. New information can give you new lenses through which you can observe life.

Travel. Sometimes, being in the same environment for too long doesn’t help at all. It’s probably time to expand you horizons. Seeing new vistas and exposing yourself to new cultures will widen your perspective. Try traveling to the third world. You’d probably see how your life is so much better than the other inhabitants of the planet.

Talk to new people. Immersing yourself in new conversations can also help you see life differently. Mixing it up with new or different personalities can also help you see the diversity in people.

Listen. A variant of the previous one. If you’re one of those people who has a tendency to hog most of the talking in a conversation, maybe it’s time for you to shut up and let the others do the talking. Perhaps you’re so caught up with your own issues and ideas that you fail to get other sides of the story by not listening.


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