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Getting Doctors’ Second Opinion

Surgeries and other major medical proceudres are very tough pills to swallow. You can opt to have a second opinion just so you can be well-informed. Here are some tips to consider on getting second opinion from doctors.

Do tell your doctor that you are going to ask for a second opinion. Your first doctor can send your medical records to your second doctor without any additional hassle. This will also prevent repeated testing. It will surely cost you more time and money if your first doctor is unaware of your plans.

Beware of the doctor social network. Although it is wise to ask the names of other doctors from your doctor, you should be wary on the underlying relationship between the doctor and the names he/she provided. Most doctors will provide names of experienced and unbiased specialists but some would recommend their good friends who would most likely affirm his/her opinion. If you can, ask an appointment from a hospital where your doctor is not associated with.

Get a third and/or fourth opinion if your first two doctors have conflicting opinions. Of course, there will be a time where you must decide for yourself. Weigh the pros and cons of all doctors’ opinions and talk it over with a relative or a loved one before making the final decision.


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