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Getting More Vacation Time

Thanks to a history of unions and labor laws, companies today provide at least a week of vacation time a year. However, if you’re like most stressed out people, you’d probably want just a bit more downtime to recharge and relax. Here’s how to ask your company for more.

Timing is key. You wouldn’t want to ask for it after a poor performing year for the company or if you messed up. The best time to ask for it would be after a winning year for the company, after a solid performance review or after a key accomplishment on your part.

Set a meeting with your manager. Most forward-thinking managers are open to rewarding their better performing employees. An additional week of vacation isn’t too much to ask if you’ve put up uncharged overtime hours to work on a successful item for your project or key assignment (and your manager’s aware of it). Use the list of excellent reasons to persuade your manager why you deserve the extra time off.

Keep in mind that this may be a trade off. Since this is basically negotiation, you might have to enter the discussion with some form of ante. Be prepared to give up some other incentive (a bonus or even a raise) to get extra time off since all incentives cost your company money. So make sure you know what you’d rather have.

Cite what’s in it for your company. Since persuasion often calls for citing what’s in it for the other party, cite ¬†what further benefits can you give to the company after an extended time off.


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