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Getting Water from Solid Food

We’re not talking about squeezing water out, we’re talking about hydration. Aside from drinking glasses of water and fruit juices, you can get your daily water requirement from the food that you eat. Here is the list of common solid foods and the amount of water you can get from them.

Seafood: Shellfish consists of about 85% water — the highest among seafood food range. Cod, haddock, lemon sole, plaice and trout contain about 75% water each. Mackerel and anchovies have the lower water content at 47% and 42% respectively but it is still higher compared to non-seafood food variants.

Bread: Most breads consist of 38% water. Biscuits and crackers have about 3% of water while cheesecakes contain 35% water.

Dairy Products: Liquid dairy products like milk and cream have a naturally high water content. 90% for milk and between 48-79% for cream. Soft cheese have 58% water while hard cheese have 38%. Both butter and margarine contain 16% of water each.

Poultry and Meat: Poultry holds more water than meat. Each serving of poultry contains roughly 65-70% water. Roast meets generally have 50% water.

Fruits and Vegetables: Among all the food groups, vegetables have the highest water content. Cucumbers and totamtoes have more than 90% water content while spinach, carrots and broccoli hold 89% water. Fruits also have high water content ranging from 75-80%. Dried fruits like daes and currants still have small amount of water between 12-16%.


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