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Haggle in Good Taste

Being a tightwad doesn’t mean that you have to be a horrible Scrooge of a cheapskate. Sure, asking for discounts is one thing, but there are times that doing it can be in bad taste. These days, saving even a few cents is pretty much understandable but mind you that there are times when it can be annoying. Here are a few tips on how to haggle in good taste.

Mind the context. Haggling is usually best done in garage sales and flea markets and not shops and stores. However, you may try asking for discounts in those venues as well. Keep in mind that haggling is not commonplace in grocery stores and discount stores and that asking for discounts on items might cause clerks to raise an eyebrow.

Try sale items and coupons first. For venues such as shops and stores, discounts are usually reserved for sale items and coupons. So you might want to try the sale rack or clipping coupons. The internet has boatloads of information on sales and coupons so try those first. Stores are obligated to honor them and you need not haggle anymore.

Ask politely. Negotiations are more effective when the other party is at ease and has a positive take on you. Some cheapskates appear and sound confrontational or demanding when asking for discounts. Mind your tone and ask politely.

No low-balling. Don’t expect huge discounts. A few cents off would can be a welcome discount for items worth a few dollars. Unlike in flea markets where you can take more than a half off, be glad if shops and stores already give you a dollar discount on an item.


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