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Homework Aids

Whether your kid has just started first grade or battling against High-school geometry, the factors that affect homework performance remain the same. They may be simple and basic but it can help all students of all levels and all learning styles. Here is a list of homework aids that our kids should have at home.

A well-lighted study room or study corner is a must-have for every student. Adequate lighting helps prevent eye strain, eye fatigue and their complications like headache and dizziness. Also, children will be able to concentrate on their school work easily.

Comfortable seats can make a big difference in homework performance. By comfortable seats, we mean those that promote good posture and can provide arm rest, not big sofas with too much cushion. In fact, sofa seats are not advisable for school work as they promote resting and relaxation. Children can be caught dozing off if they use these seats. Better invest in adjustable seats with proper back support. Make sure that the feet can touch the floor or a foot rest.

Be sure to provide enough work surface for your children. Almost any table, desk or other elevated flat surface can serve as a workstation for children. Just be sure that the flat surface is big enough for all the things your children needs to get their school work done. Of course, make sure that there is enough lighting and no distractions within the vicinity of the homework station.

Always have shelves and book cases for proper storage of all school books and other references. This will serve as a mini-library for your children so that they wouldn’t waste any time looking around the house for their things. A well-organized storage of books will also promote reading and studying.


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