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How to Avoid Pests for Your Home-Grown Foods

Home-grown foods can give you the assurance that all the ingredients from your home garden are safe and natural. To keep pests at bay, try our home-gardening tips.

  • As much as possible, avoid pesticides. Opt to grow plants and bright colored flowers to atract insects away from your home crop.
  • Fragrant plants can also attract pests away from tour other home crop as well.
  • Surround the garden with thick hedge. This will attract birds that can eat all the slugs and insects before they ruin your fruit and vegetable crops.
  • Dig a pond anywhere on your home garden. This will attract frogs and toads which can help lower the number of slugs in your garden
  • Place logs around the garden to shelter beetles since they can prey on pests as well
  • To avoid weeds, place mulching material composed of natural bark or wood chippings on the ground. These can also bring nutrients to the soil as well.
  • Place a fine-mesh cloth on top of plants to keep tem away from flies and butterflies without hindering their growth.

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