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How to Cut House Chores in Half

House work can be really tough and draining. All the little chores left and right do not seem to end if you want to keep your home clean, tidy and in order. The good news is, a little planning, redecorating and remodelling can cut the amount of work to maintain your home. Here are some tips on cutting those household chores in half.

  • Wipe of spills from furniture as soon as you spot them. This will save you time and energy if these small spills turn into stubborn stains.
  • Put indoor plants in saucers or plates to prevent water spills on the floor.
  • Place coat racks by the front door on top of a waterproof mat. This should prevent water spills during rainy days. Make sure you place a container for wet umbrellas as well.
  • Buy a vinyl board or a blackboard for your children to discourage them from writing on the walls. A restricted play area will prevent the toys from appearing on random corners of the house.
  • Install low clothes rack so that the children can arrange their clothes on their own.
  • Opt for water-based art materials for the children’s art corner or art room. This will save you a lot of time and effort in removing your kids’ artwork from the living rom walls
  • Hold a garage sale to prevent your attic from piling up with unnecessary stuff
  • Clean-up oven and stove spillovers immediately.
  • Discourage all members of the family from eating in bedrooms. Always have meals in the dining room or the kitchen.

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