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How to Deal with Insomnia

Occasional sleepless nights are bearable and can cause little to no effects on the human body. But if short sleeping hours become a habit, chances are negative effects will be experienced. Here are some tips on dealing with chronic insomnia.

Do not entertain worries and problems when you are inside your bedroom. Keep them outside since you can’ do anything about them till the next day, anyway.

Make the last hours of your day as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Read your favorite book, take a warm bath or listen to soothing music to keep your mind peaceful and at ease. This will also help you in blocking off any negative thought or concern till the following day.

Go to bed and get up at your normal time. Try not to take long naps during the day since this will make you feel more rested and alert by evening time.

Do not overstimulate your mind and body before going to bed. Refrain from doing crossword puzzles and intensed discussions since these will keep your mind alert and unable to entertain te idea of sleep. Avoid physical exercise as well since the sudden surge of adrenalin while exercise can prevent you from feeling tired and sleepy.


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