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How to Deal with Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can suck the joy out of your trip. Bring back the thrill and excitement of travelling by trying out our tips on dealing with motion sickness.

If you are prone to motion sickness, avoid eating a heavy meal or drink any alcoholic breverage an hour or two before the trip. Eat very light snacks such as toast and crackers to prevent being hungry while on the trip. Have a nonprescription pill for motion sickness with you. For better results, take the anti-motion sickness pill an hour before the trip.

During the trip, do not face backward or make sudden sideway glances. Avoid reaching under your seat as it could also induce dizziness and motion sickness. As much as possible, keep your eyes on the horizontal, preferable on the direction you are moving. Better stay away from side and back seats where the motion is sideways or backwards. Also, Do not look at sick passengers as well since it can make you feel sick instantly.

Bring along some natural remedies for motion sickness. Sucking on a lemon or taking a tablespoon of powdered ginger root has been known to alleviate motion sickness to people. These are readily available in health-food stores.

Try some deep breathing exercises. Relax and sit back and concentrate on other things besides the uneasiness of the trip.


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