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How to Efficiently Shop and Store Food

Here are some tips on how to efficiently shop and store food:

Plan your meals. A menu is a good starting point not only for your
food shopping, but also for your cooking. Simply plan the meals you
wish to have (including some snacks, etc.) and break them down into
ingredients which you can consolidate for your grocery list.

Choose a supermarket that you are familiar with. This will ensure that
you spend less time in the grocery as you are already familiar with
the layout. Not only will this save you time, but it will also save
you money by not being tempted to buy anything not in your list. Stick
to the list.

While packing the groceries, pack them according to storage groups.
All items to be stored in the pantry will have to go together, and
same with freezer items, or crisper items, etc. When you get home,
make sure you unpack and place them in their rightful places


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