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How to Increase Your Child’s Attention Span

Here are some tips on how to increase a child’s attention span:

Be patient. The last thing your child needs is your impatience. By
being patient, you will be able to see the improvements objectively.
Your child can also sense your impatience and it might make them feel
something is wrong with them.

Remove toys and other things that would distract your child. This
could be television, computers, and video games. These should be
regulated, if not taken away altogether.

Reduce the child’s stress levels by injecting calming activities and
by making a schedule. Also, make sure your child maintains a good diet
and has physical activities or exercise.

Encourage activities such as puzzles, word games, logic and arts and
crafts. These activities require concentration and by providing them
these activities, you train them to stay on one task longer.


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