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How to Prevent Fungal Skin Infections

Fungal skin infections occur when fungi appear on the moist areas of the skin. These infections usually cause annoying itching and unsightful rashes on your skin. Here are some tips on preventing fungal skin infections.

As much as possible, wear sandals or flip flops on public locker rooms and showers. Never go barefoot as these areas are one of the major breeding areas for fungi.

If you are highly likely to catch fungal infections, consider changing your wardrobe — especially undergarments, shoes and socks. Also, always let your shoes dry out completely before wearing them.

Apply cornstarch on the feet and/or genital area after bathing. This would keep your skin extra dry and fungi-free.

Keep your feet clean and dry always. Consider using a hair dryer on your feet after bathing to enusre that the whole foot including the areas between the toes are clean and dry.

Opt for cotton socks since they don’t lock in moisture. Also, make sure that your feet can breathe through your shoes especially when exercising.


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