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How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are the leading causes of home fires. Fortunately, it is also one of the most preventable fires. By adhering to kitchen safety guildelines and reminders, you can keep your family safe from kitchen fires. Here are some tips on prevening kitchen fires.

Always have your eye on the food that is cooking. Never leave them unattended. You can immediately prevent a big fire from happenning if you are attentive to any possible changes while cooking food. This is also true even if you use the microwave oven for cooking. Sparks and fire can occur if the wrong materials were accidentally used or the amount of cooking time is incorrect.

Wear appropriate clothing while cooking. Avoid wearing flowing or loose long sleeves as these can easily catch a fire. Hair should also be tied back to a bun or a ponytail.

Make sure that all pots, pans, broilers, ovens and vents are grease-free. Remember that grease build-up can ignite and cause fires.

Keep the stoves free from anything that can catch fire. Avoid placing spice racks, pot holders, kitchen towels, curtains and cookbooks above the stove. As a general rule, flammable objects should be at least 3 feet away from the stove top.

Children and pets should stay away from the stove at all times. If they want to help around the kitchen, give them tasks that does not involve them hovering over the stove top. Let them mix the ingredients or arrange the food presentation when the food is cooked already. Also, advice them to be in their best behavior when they are in the kitchen. Rowdy behavior can cause objects to topple over and possible cause a fire.

Always remember to unplug kitchen appliances when not in use. If possible, have a fire extinguisher for your kitchen in case a small fire happens.


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