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How to Reinforce Manners on your Kids

Most people especially the elderly are not too happy about impolite children. They will lecture your kid to no end even if they are straingers. Even teachers can have bias against children who do not show any manners to them during class. Don’t let your kid be the object of people’s frowns. Here are some tips on reinforcing manners on your kids.

Don’t let a single misbehavior pass you by. Interject ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ and let your children repeat their statement with manners as soon as you spot their misbehavior. Repeated calls to their misdemeanor would teach them to always say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ or any other kind words. This method works well for toddlers and young kids. You may want to tone it down on your teenagers since they would consider your reminders as annoying and ignore you completely.

Be the perfect example for good manners and acknowledge your weak moments and lapses. Kids learn better if they see that the people around them, especially their parents, are doing it consistently. However, if there are moments when you forgot to be in your best behaviour, recognize your rude and disrespectful behaviour and apologize for it. That way, your kids can witness first hand that misbehavior should not pass by without an apology.

Young kids would understand the purpose of good manners if you explain to them the reason why people need to be on good behavior. Of course, you can tell them that good manners reflect the breeding and the social status of a person. But more importantly, you need to tell them that displaying good manners to people would make them feel appreciated and not treated as a lowly subordinate.


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