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How to Remove a Fishhook Caught in Skin

Weekend fishing trips can be a refreshing parent-child bonding moments. It’s a relatively low-risk activity but one of the most common accidents is a fishhook that’s caught under one’s skin (usually in the arm and or the finger). Here’s how to

Do not try to yank it out! It will only cause more skin and tissue damage. The reason why they can snag fishes is because they’re not designed to easily come out.

Seek medical attention. It’s best to have a doctor take the hook out.

If medical attention’s far away, then you can try taking it out with a few simple steps. It is critical to take the barb out first. You might have to push (not pull) the hook clean through so that the barb is exposed.

With a pair of wire cutters or pliers, clip the barb off the hook. Once the barb’s gone, you can safely pull the hook out the other end.

Wash the wound with clean water and soap. Apply anti-septic or anti-bacterial solution to the wound. Call a doctor as the victim might have to have a tetanus shot.


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