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How to Set-up an Ice Cream Party

Here are some tips on how to have an ice cream party:

Get your ice cream ready. Add safe flavors such as vanilla and
chocolate, but be more daring as well such as with other flavors such
as green tea, coconut, mint, cheese, etc. Check your local gourmet
shop or online shops for other flavors. If you have an ice cream
maker, you can always concoct your own ice cream using different

Get your tools ready. Look for fun platters or bowls and those scoops.

You can also have the following options:

  • mini cupcakes can be topped with ice cream
  • add sprinkles and other favorite ice cream toppings, fruits, and
  • syrups or sauces
  • have different breads and pastries for ice cream sandwiches
  • pies

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