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Improve your Posture

Correcting your posture is the fastest way to achieve a body makeover. You can instantly look 5 pounds thinner and look more glowy. Here are some reminders on good posture.

Avoid carrying heavy bags. Leave the unnecessary items in your bag behind and stick with the essentials. Your bag should no exceed 10% of your body weight. Should you really need to carry a lot of stuff, opt for a wide strapped bag and switch shoulders from time to time.

Include core exercises in your workout. Your core muscles, which consists of the glutes, hips, pelvics and abs, are the foundation for good posture. These muscles support your back making it easier to maintain the propoer posture.

Use low heels. Flat shoes push your pelvis forward, which does not do any good to your posture. Too high heels will forse your back to arch unnaturally. Half to two inches heels are you safest bet for heel size.

Adjust your computer screen and not the other way around. Leaning forward to view your computer screen will force your shoulders to slump forward. Without posture correction, your body may no be able to stretch out again leaving your shoulders permanently hunched over.


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