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Improving Kids’ Eating Habits

More and more kids are growing up to be big and unhealthy due to poor eating lifestyle. Here are some tips to improve your kids eating habits and promote a healthier living.

Limit the amount of junk food stored in the cupboard and the fridge. Kids are more likely to eat junkfood if it is readily available at home. If you keep junk food supply to a minimun, chances are your kids will lessen their junk food intake. As a substitute, stock up on healthier snacks such as fresh fruits, nuts, yogurts and plain popcorn.

Save for special occasions and emergencies, serve homemade meals and snacks. Serving homemade food will allow you to monitor the amount of sugar, salt and fat that is added to the food. You can also control the meat and vegetable portions in every meal. Prepare meals in large amounts so that your kids can bring home cooking to school as well.

Be a good example of healthy eating. You can’t expect your kids to embrace healthy eating if you are munching on potato chips and candy bars. They will appreciate the benefits of healthy eating more if they know you’re enjoying the food as well. You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone since you’ll reap the advantages of healthy eating as well.


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