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In-flight Food and Drinks

Unlike travelling by land or sea, food is scarce while on-board an airplane. There may be choices offered to you by the flight attendants. However, you don’t exactly have the luxury of food variety, which you can get when stopping over a road-side restaurant or dining on the cruise ship restaurant. They may not have the particular food that you need and like. Here are some tips in getting most out of your in-flight food and drinks.

Airplane can sometimes have the most unhealthy food in stock. Sometimes, airline companies would prepare food which are high in fat, salt and calories. Call your airline company if you need a special need to coincide with your low-fat and low-salt diet.

Opt to bring light snacks to tide you over for the whole duration of the trip. You may find yourself not liking the food being served at your flight and you may have to pay a large amount for chips and sandwiches. Have all your favorite snacks ready and just purchase your drinks while on-board since you are not allowed to bring liquids in your carry-on luggage.

Steer clear of alcohol and caffeine during your flight. These drinks can cause you more frequent visits to the lavatory. Also, they can aggravate the effects of jet lag to a person.

People who are susceptible to digestive disorders should avoid sodas and sparkling water while on-board a plane. Carbonated drinks and changes in air pressure are not a good mix since these can cause mild flatulence and other digestive discomfort.


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