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Keeping Your Basement Dry

One of the irritating things about home maintenance is keeping your basement dry. Worst case is that your basement gets flooded. While this can be drained (professionally and can be expensive), there’s still the threat of mold (since spores love damp and dark spots). Here’s how you can keep your basement dry.

One of the most critical things is the landscape. The ground surrounding the foundation of your home should be sloped away from your home so that rain (or even sprinkler) water would be directed away from your home into a proper drainage.

Make sure your rain gutters are clear from debris and is designed to direct water away from your home. Many faulty rain gutter placements actually just help water pool in a spot where it can actually flood the ground surrounding your home.

Caulk windows and frames of basement doors to prevent water from seeping inside. You can also try painting the basement walls with waterproof paint to prevent moisture from seeping through the walls.

If you live in a flood-prone area, consider installing a water pump with an automatic switch. This would at least mitigate a full-blown flood in your basement.

If flooding becomes a consistent thing for your basement, consider consulting with a landscape contractor for a more comprehensive solution to your problem.


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