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Keeping Your Home Allergy Free

Preventing allergies from happening to you and you family can be a very overwhelming. Having an idea on which allergens frequently attack your family can lighten up the load. Reducing exposure to other common allergens can also help. Although you cannot contain the risk of allergies everywhere you go, you can always start at home. If you or your family is prone to allergy attacks, try out our tips in keeping your home allergy free.

Use plastic casing for all mattresses and pillows before placing bedsheets and pilow cases to reduce the risk of allergy attacks brought by dust mites. Also, all beddings should be washed in hot water every week. As much as possible, do not hang them outside to dry as they can accumulate pollen ehich can also trigger allergy attacks. Draperies and curtains should also be washed regularly as well.

Remove carpeted floors at home as these can easily trap allergens like dust. Opt for tiles or polished floors instead. Be careful in purchasing additional fixtures for your home. Carved wood furnitures, lamp shades and books can also trap allergens inside your home.

Keep the humidity level at 45%. Durinng summer, use air-conditioning to counteract the overly humid air and use the humidifier to moisten and warm the air during winter.

Mold and mildew can also cause allergy attacks. Use strong cleansers like ammonia and chlorine to get rid of them. Ventilate the whole room by opening windows and fans to make the home unsuitable for growth of mold and mildew. Make sure that you use a mask while cleanun and all family members especialy those with asthma will not stay at home for a few hours after as the smell can aggravate allergies. Use strong cleaners only when needed and avoid relying on them during regular cleaning. Instead, use milder products like baking soda, vinegar and other mild soaps for your regular house cleaning needs.


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