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Liven Up Your Leftovers

Knowing how much to cook for a single meal is a tough guessing game. More often than not, you have to deal with left overs since people usually would rather have food surplus than food scarcity. Here are some tips on preparing left over food without the ageing bland taste. Especially with all of those 4th of July leftovers.

Bread: Put butter or margarine on almost-stale or day-old bread for a richer taste. Add cheese and a poached egg on top for a satisfying breakfast or snack. You can toast the bread first if you like your bread warm and crunchy.

Cooked vegetables: Keep them chilled in the refrigerator for a quick cold salad. To give a different taste from the previous dish you cooked, add some bleu cheese or Italian dressing.

Coffee: You can freeze old brewed coffee in ice cube trays. Add them to your iced coffee drink for colder drink that packs more flavor. You can also use old coffee in cake frostings for an instant mocha cream on your desserts.

Small pieces of cheese: Do not throw small pieces of cheese away just because you can’t make a decent thin square slice for sandwiches and pasta. You can stir this little pieces of cheese into fillings for stuffed vegetables. Or you can grate them finely together to make grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, chillis and potato toppings.

Broken cookies or biscuits: Gather the cookie or biscuit crumbs together for a quick refrigerator cake or pie crust. You can also use these as toppings on your ice cream, parfaits, frozen yogurt or sherbet.

Flat beer: Use flat beer to make beer batter for fish and chips. You can also opt to boil shrimps in flat beer instead of water for a more tangy taste. Flat beer can also add more flavor when used in simmering pot roasts and meat.


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