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Making Air Travel Less Stressful

Air travel should’ve been one of the landmark developments in modern life. It meant that going to places far away (overseas) doesn’t mean spending weeks floating around the ocean. However, modern air travel sure caused another set of problem – booking, flight schedules, airports, and airport security. Air travel has become so complex that you’d wonder if turn-of-the-century sea travel was better. Here are some ideas on how to make air travel just a bit less stressful.

Plan for your destination. Book your flight early to avoid the hassle of not getting seats. If it’s overseas, then make sure you have all the proper documentation and identification.

Wear comfortable clothes. You will be standing in line for the many routine processes and checks in the airport so try to be more comfortable with what you wear. If you need not be in business clothing, go for comfortable casual wear, especially with the shoes.

Pack to get through security. Make sure you avoid bringing anything that will arouse suspicion of aviation security. Airlines have different policies regarding check-in baggage sizes and weights so know those too and make sure that your luggage are within the specified sizes and weights.

Arrive at the airport early. You’ll be going through a lot so you don’t want to gamble on missing boarding your flight just because you decided to take your sweet time getting there.

Bring something to amuse yourself. A book is always a good thing to bring. Many airports now have wi-fi. If you have digital devices that can connect to the internet via wi-fi, feel free to use them to pass the time.


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