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Making an Emergency Call

Due to extreme shock and fear, people oftentimes forget what they need to do in case of emergencies. Although it is wise to find someone who has more experience in first aid to attend to the victim, the inexperienced bystander can still help out by calling the emergency hotline. Here are some reminders in making the important emergency call.

Even before an emergency strikes, make sure that all emergency hotlines and numbers are seen when you’ll be needing it. Post these numbers by the refrigerator door or insert a piece of paper with the emergency numbers inside the cellphone case. The last thing you would want to do is to look frantically around for the emergency number.

Give the operator all the details of the incident including but not limited to the following:

  • Your name — this is optional but you would want the emergency team to identify you and the victim immediately when they come
  • The circumstances of the emergency and what exactly happened to the victim
  • The number of people injured
  • The victim’s condition or any injuries
  • Emergency site — include the street names and landmarks if possible
  • The number of the phone you are using. If you are using a pay phone, tell them the exact pay phone you are calling from
  • If there is an experienced person providing first aid and the particular first aid that was given to the victim

Do not hang up immediately after providing the necessary details wait until the operator tells you that all the information that you gave is enough.


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