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Making Your Home Elderly-friendly

elderly_friendly_homeAdjustments around the house should be made if ever an elderly relatives decides to visit or live with you. You have to make sure that the house is safe for them and that moving around inside the house will not be too tiring and bothersome. Fortunately, adjustments need not be drastic and extreme. Here are some tips on preparing your home for the elderly.

Have a quick run through of the house and see if there are possible hazards that needed to be dealt with similar to when you are childproofing. Lessen the clutter around the house and keep the pathways clear and wide to prevent any accidents from tripping and falling objects.

Keep the temperature amiable to everyone especially the elderly guests/residents. Older people often have reduced blood circulation and tend to stay put in one place. This makes them more susceptible to the cold even if the weather is not that nippy. Let the thermostat stay within 18.3 to 20 degrees Celsius. Also, make sure that blankets are readily available for their use.

Telephones should be within their reach whenever they need it. Install one beside their bed but do make it easy for them to disconnect the phone whenever they don’t want to be disturbed. Also, opt for phones that have programmable memory. Store all the important numbers such as police hotlines, doctor’s contact numbers, ambulance and other emergency contact details.

Put night lights in different corners of the room and make sure the main switches are easily recognizable. This will make it easier for the older people to walk around at night while others are fast asleep.


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