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Managing Paper Clutter

Paper clutter is sch a tiresome chore to deal with. And you can’t just simply throw them away. You might end up losing a very important document at the time you need the most like an official receipt when claiming warranty. Here’s a list of papers that you should keep and you can throw away. A word of advice though, if you have one, shred all papers before putting them in the trash.

Papers to save:

  • Insurance policies: Keep copies of your insurance forms and all supporting documents and correspondence. Old auto and home insurance polices should also be saved for at least three years.
  • Work files: Keep all documents stating the all employee benefits aside from salary and leaves. Keep the current status of company profit shares and statement of retirement amount. You can also use these as basis of comparison should the new ones sent to you contain any errors.
  • Bank accounts: Keep all written memos, letters and information received when your accounts are opened, monthly statements, six month’s worth of past canceled checks, passbooks and fee and interest rate disclosures.

Papers to (shred and) throw away

  • Receipts for regular bills and utilities: If the next bill comes stating that your last payment has been received, you can toss the receipts away.
  • Deposit slips: Once the statement comes and all deposit entries are indicated, you don’t need the deposit slips anymore.
  • Old receipts and warranty statements: You can discard them completely if either you don’t know the item anymore or the warranty period has expired for more than a year.

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