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More on Effective Emails

Make sure to improve your email skills. Here are more tips on effective business communication via email.

Reply at the soonest possible time. Responding to emails is just as important as answering your mobile phone and face-to-face conversations. Email response should be sent not later than 2-3 hours after the time stamp of the previous email.

If you are unable to reply at the recommended time in much detail, just acknowledge the sender that you have received his email and you’ll get back to him with the appropriate response. Or better yet, use an autoresponder when going on extended breaks or vacation.

CC vs BCC. Use CC when it is acceptable for email recipients to display their email addresses like office memos and important company announcements. Use BCC when dealing with a larger number of recipients like marketing materials and newsletters. Also, use BCC if you want your recipients to remain anonymous to one another.

Email discussions within a group can also serve as meeting minutes. If private discussions related to the topic were done outside of the email thread, send the summary of the private discussion to keep the rest of the group “in the loop.”


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