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Office Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Just because not all of us are runway models does not mean we can’t express our selves through the clothes that we wear. Men and women can still strive to look and feel good regardless of profession. However, there are certain limitations that one should consider before she can reach for her favorite pumps. Here are some office wear dos and don’ts to think about before you rummage through your closet.

Do follow company policy regarding office wear. If you are unsure if you have such policy, raise this concern to your supervisor to avoid being reprimanded for something simple and unrelated to your actual job. Usually, company policy on office wear is a more detailed explanation on what is the commonly accepted notion on decency and decorum. Ensure that your clothes do not cross the line from fitting to inappropriate.

Make sure that your clothes and accesories do not interfere with all of your tasks. If your job requires a lot of walking like doctors and Nurse Aides on hospital shifts, maybe you should think twice on reaching for your stilletos and opt for your best pair of sneakers instead. Also, avoid wearing anything that can distract your colleagues. Wearing a large headpiece can be really distracting to everyone especially at a typical desk job setting.

Office uniforms should not hinder you from expressing your individuality. Wear an accessory that can accentuate your best features or the vibe that you want to convey for the whole day. A nice beaded necklace or a pair of fancy eye glasses can still make you feel unique despite the common basic wardrobe. However, resist the urge to go all out and wear all your fashionable clothes and jewelry in just one day. Too much bling in your wardrobe will cause raised eyebrows and secret snickering behind your back. Just concentrate on one fancy detail at a time.


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