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Partner Bonding Even When Busy

Spending more time away from your partner due to work or other obligations might strain your relationship. Here are a few tips on squeezing in some quality time.

Meet for short but frequent dates. Have a quick coffee date before heading out for a client meeting or wake up a little earlier in the morning for long breakfasts. These meetings, no matter how short, will reinforce your intimacy and achieve that special connection just like in ordinary dates.

Explore all other means of communication. Always stay in touch whether it may be through email, SMS, BBM, FaceTime, etc. It need not have to be a lengthy conversation. Just make an extra effort to communicate even in short, staggered bu meaningful messages. This is enough to gain that sense of assurance and comfort.

Take advantage of lull times. Do not wait for the hectic schedule to end. Chances are it’ll take longer than expected unless drastic changes are made. Instead, wait for the lull moments – the period where most of your tasks may be important but not that urgent. This is the perfect time for a mid-week getaways and relax with your partner.


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