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Prevent Fire from Happening

Having a fool-proof fire plan is commendable but you wouldn’t want to use it anytime soon, right? Preventing house fires from occurinng in the first place is your best bet from suriving any house fire. Here are some fire prevention tips to take note of.

Remember that fire needs three things – oxygen, fuel and heat. While you cannot do anything about oxygen since it is readily available, you can do something about fuel and heat. Most fires occur because the root cause of the fire supplied the heat.

Heating equipment at home poses as a major risk for house fires. Have your heating system examined by your trusted professional at least once a year. Repair and replace the equipment if necessary.

If you use wood or coal in your home, ensure that the equipment has a fire prrof floor protector and is meters away from the wall, furnitures and other flammable materials.

After using the wood or coal, let the ashes cool before clearing it away. Place them in a covered metal container, not a box or a bag as it may combust should a small flame ignite.


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