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Preventing Backaches

Backaches can prevent anyone to continue with their activities. It will force anyone to just lie down and not do anything. It is such a waste to spend a whole day lying down just because you are “crippled” with back pain. Try out our tips and reminders on how to prevent backpains.

Develop an exercise routine that includes abdominal exercises. The abdominal muscles support the back and strengthening these muscles will help your back endure any stretch and strain. Also consider low impact exercises like walking, swimming and bicycling to reduce any stress or pressure on your back. If you are prone to back-problems, consult your doctor when you formulate your exercise routine.

Always be careful when carrying and moving heavy objects. The trick is to position yourself well so that the pressure and strain will be distributed throughout your body and not solely on your back. For example, bend your knees first and then your hips when lifting heavy objects. Keep the object close to your body and raise the object and your body until you are in an upright position.

Maintain the proper weight and correct posture. Going beyond the recommended weight will strain your back and the abdominal muscles resulting to increased chances of back pain. Also, most back problems are caused by poor posture. Correcting posture will ensure that no unnecessary pressure is placed on your back.


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