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Preventing Laptop Theft

How can you lose something as big as a laptop? Usually, the most reasonable explanation for losing it, is because some criminal forcibly took it from you. Otherwise you’re just plain careless. However, with the creativity of thieves today, you’d never know.
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Always secure your things. A common place where people lose their laptops today is the coffee shop where they leave their computers behind to order something or do something else. There’s a reason why public places have those “Don’t leave your things unattended.” signs. As for leaving your laptop in your car, just don’t do it. Thieves often scout cars with bags in them so don’t make your car and your laptop a target.

Use locks. Most laptops have Kensington lock holes. These locks would allow you to secure your laptop to the table (pretty much like a bike lock for laptops). Invest on one of these if you have the habit of leaving it behind.
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Password protect it. Make sure that whatever computer or operating system you have that it’s set to require a password to log in. While this will not deter determined thieves at least you create another electronic barrier to your data. Lock your keyboard when leaving it behind as well.

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Secure your data. Still, you’d never know if your laptop will get pinched. So if you have confidential personal data (financial and identity) and work data. Consider using encryption tools such as TrueCrypt. This will at least prevent access to your sensitive information.


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