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Removing Hard Water Deposits from Showerhead

One of the more overlooked things in home maintenance is the showerhead. This is especially the case if you live in an area with hard water and your showerhead’s made of plastic. Mineral deposits tend to cling on such materials and over time, it can clog the head. Here’s a good way to remove hard water deposits from your showerhead using natural materials.

If you can remove the showerhead do so. This would probably just require the very basic of plumbing knowledge (but if you have zero, consider a plumber). This usually requires shutting of the water to the house via a valve located near your street. As for the showerhead you may detach it by twisting counterclockwise from the base. (Left is loose, right is tight.)

TIP: Take note of the number of full turns you make before it gets fully detached. You can use this as a guide later when reattaching.

After detaching the head, prepare equal parts of white vinegar (no need to bring the A stuff like balsamic or apple cider here) and hot water in a bowl enough to submerge the showerhead. Let the head soak for a good hour. This would help loosen the mineral deposits. Vinegar does a good job hacking away at lime and calcium deposits.

After soaking, you can use a small plastic brush (an old toothbrush can do), and gently scrub the head. You can also try and poke through the showerhead holes using the brush bristles to get into the deposits that might have settled in these nooks and crannies. Give it another rinsing in the solution after finally rinsing it with tap water.

Re-attach the shower head (clockwise this time) making sure it’s secure and tight (but not too tight as this might damage both the base and the showerhead threads so use the number of turns as a general guide) and that the head’s pointing the right way.

Turn on the water from the main valve again. Test the shower to make sure it’s not leaking from the showerhead base. Give it the full beans to full rinse and expel the deposits from the showerhead. Turn the water off.


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