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Removing Stickers

Quite a lot of stuff have stickers slapped on to them – whether labels or price tags. Now, if you’re planning to reuse them or just remove the unwanted eyesore, it can be quite tricky. Here are a few tips on how to remove stickers.

To remove stickers from glass and metal surfaces, try using mineral oil or baby oil. Apply the oil on a piece of cloth or rag and cover the surface of the sticker. Saturating the area would be better. After the sticker soaks, you can peel the sticker from the surface. Use the cloth to remove any sticker residue. For bare metal surfaces, try using WD-40.

For plastic surfaces, try using alcohol to remove the sticker. Follow the steps mentioned in the previous section. For harder plastics such as those use for storage, you try using cooking oil. To remove the oily feel usually left on plastic food ware, a good wash using dishwashing soap would do the job nicely.

It can get tricky with porous materials such as cardboard and paper products. Commercial solvents are available for this sort of thing. Just make sure you don’t get too much on the surrounding surface or it can ruin the material.

In some instances when the surface isn’t that sensitive to contact such as plain glass, you may use a razor blade or craft knife to scrape off and peel away at the sticker. With care, this can be used to remove vinyl from car surfaces.


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