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Rent for Longer Vacations

Vacations may not come as cheap these days with the accommodations and travel expenses that go with it. The drawback is that you only get to stay for a few nights and for many who are looking for a real getaway, a few nights isn’t enough to recover from it all. The solution? A vacation rental.

While a longer stay would definitely mean more expenses in total, going for a rental rather than staying in a hotel would be considerably cheaper especially if you have the whole family in tow.

You have to definitely research beforehand. Check your destination. Are there residential areas in your area of interest? If so, what kinds of neighborhoods are they? Do you have to take transport? What kind are available? What are the schedules?

Check out places for rent. Just like hotel-hunting, apartment hunting would depend on your budget. Most places for tourism have furnished places for short-term renters. You’d be surprised that a lot of companies own properties in these areas for their own seasonal use that they rent out during their off-seasons.

As for internet postings, don’t trust the pictures. Most people post the best looking photos (or old photos) to attract renters. If it’s impossible for you to actually visit (and it’s most likely impractical), call the lessor/property manager up and ask if you do a video call so you can get a virtual tour.

Know the costs. Usually you’d be asked to pony up a deposit since you’re basically renting. If you’re renting overseas, be prepared to pay using local currency so factor in exchange rates as well.

Factor in the housework. Since you’re renting, you might have to do some of the chores on your own. Ask your lessor if there would probably be cleaning and cooking services. Those would be added expense so better factor those in.


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