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Safe Use of Eye Make-up

All foreign particles can cause eye irritation.This is very true for eye make up since these are applied on all corners of the eye. It doesn’t matter whether you have a top of the line brand or a more affordable alternative. Mishandled eye makeup can surely spell serious eye infection for you. Here are some tips and reminders for safe use of eye make up.

Mascara wands can easily be contaminated by air-borne bacteria. Make sure that you replace your mascara after three to four months of use. It is also advisable to replace all eye makeup after one year of use.

Avoid sharing eye makeup even with your best friends and sisters.

Avoid moistening make-up with your saliva at all cost. It would be better to replace them with a better brand instead.

Make sure your hands are clean if you are going to use your fingers to apply the make-up. Also, always use the ring and pinky finger as these put the least pressure on your eyes compared to the other fingers. Hard tugging and pulling of the skin surrounding the eyes can also cause premature lines and wrinkles.

Always apply eyeliner at the outside of your lids. Adding eyeliner on the inner eyelid can block the glands.

Remove eye make-up using a special formula suited for your eyes. Opt for cotton when removing eye make-up since tissues are too harsh on the skin surrounding the eyes.


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